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Time Management…for real.

Let’s face it.  You don’t really have time to read this article. Not only do you not have time to read this article, but you’ve probably spent too much time on your e-mail and the Internet today already.  You probably … Continue reading

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Employees—Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

Employees…. This is one of the most heated and debated topics in the fields of business and management.  It almost single-handedly determines the prosperity of a business, but also creates the most trouble. It’s such a touchy subject that we … Continue reading

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Delegation is Not a Four-Letter Word.

We are often told that we need to delegate.  We hear “You’re not good at delegating” or “You need to work on delegating.”  But for many, this seems to be nearly impossible.  It seems to them that almost everything needs … Continue reading

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The Truth About Promotion and Marketing….

            The real truth about promotion is simple: any promotion is better than no promotion.             This might seem to be a ridiculous oversimplification at first and only marginally useful, but this one statement solves all sorts of ills in business and … Continue reading

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Office Manager or No Office Manager?

“To Have an Office Manager or Not to Have an Office Manager?”             Some people might not think this is really a question at all, but in a large percentage of health care offices, this is a major issue.  Often times … Continue reading

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What IS Management?

There’s a lot of talk about “management” or “staff management”. One hears that they should be a better manager and pay more attention to management. Some might even feel guilty because they don’t spend enough time on it. But with everything else going on, most people are lucky just to get through the day and, frankly, don’t really want to spend a bunch of time on management after treatment hours.

But the fact is, with all this talk of management, very few people really define it or tell you how to get better at it. It’s almost like it’s a mysterious commodity that few people possess and if you’re lucky enough to be born a “good manager”, then fate smiles on you. If not… oh well.

Most business owners think, “Okay, okay. I know I should be a better manager. Fine. I’ll try to do better from now on”—as though it’s a New Year’s resolution to “be a better manager.” Well, if one is going to try to be a better manager, one should know something about it. The first thing to understand about management is that it isn’t usually adequately defined. People talk about it, but don’t really say what it is. So, let’s get a workable definition for “management”—a definition we can USE.
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Is financial security and peace of mind just a dream in today’s economy?

How does a business owner have any hope of achieving financial stability and independence in today’s economic climate? So many things are uncertain about what may happen next year—let alone two decades from now. How can anyone feel secure or plan for the future when they don’t know what will happen in the world around them?

This is a problem that many of our clients—and business owners across America—are facing. With today’s economic situation, there are so many things that a business owner can’t be sure of, it can make it impossible to plan for the future. Besides an unstable economic situation, it seems that every day there are new taxes, new regulations and new penalties for violating any of these things—even if they weren’t known about by the business owner. It can make for a dangerous operating climate. In times like these many small business owners wonder why they’re even in business for themselves. It seems like it might be easier just to go work for someone else or retire early—if they are even able to do such a thing financially.

One never knows what will be introduced next that they’ll have to keep track of. And even if they successfully navigate through the maze of potential pitfalls, this doesn’t make for a happy, stress-free life. In these times, one can be completely successful at solving the myriad problems that present themselves on a daily basis…but that doesn’t necessarily mean a happy quality of life or an untroubled mindset. In fact, it often means the opposite. The stress and constant attention can start affecting other areas of life more than the business owner even realizes.

But in the midst of this seeming confusion, it is yet possible to increase one’s security and control over the future. There is a process by which any business owner can increase control over their life and future, and greatly increase their chances of success in the end.

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